Wanting to improve your life on levels besides how you are eating?  Listed below are professionals I have partnered with who are experts in their field of practices.  I work with them as well as use their services.  As I believe, there is not a cookie cutter approach to eating and the same for all other areas in life, so take a look at who I work with and I am confident you will find the right fit for you.

Erin Connor                                                                                                  Pain Free Living with Egoscue Tampa

Bayshore Fitness  http://www.bayshorefit.com                                     http://www.egoscue.com/tampa-fl

Lorie Roman PharmD Food Sensitivity Testing                               Brandi Stewart, Microscopist/Live Blood Analysis

http://www.foodscript.info/                                                                        http://renewlifewellness.com

Lynn Valaes, Personal Trainer/Owner Women Only Training              Suzanne Grey, M.Ed, LMT, CT Colon            


http://wisewomenfitness.com                                                                     http://renewlifewellness.com

Stephanie Crank, Owner/Trainer/Lead Instructor                                   Steve Baltz, Owner

http://www.pilatesmovementstudio.com                                                  http://www.snshotsphotography.com

Cheryl Schuette, LMT, CHMLDT, CT                                                            Joanne Muir, LMT  Integrative Bodywork

 Advanced massage and Colon Hydrotherapy                                                    http://joannemuirlmt.com