“For years I suffered from gastrointestinal health issues. I saw many doctors, took many tests, but could not find the cause of my ailments. Finally, I met Adrienne. She was able to track my illnesses to certain food intolerances and recommend tasty substitutes so I could still enjoy my favorite foods. I immediately felt healthier, had more energy, and even lost 4 pounds! I also hired her to cook healthy meals for me for two months while my husband was traveling. I enjoyed these meals and she was very reasonable with her fees. Adrienne is extremely knowledgeable regarding nutrition, the human body, probiotics and food. I highly recommend her!” August 8, 2012   Julie

“I have frequented places Adrienne has prepared food and contacted her for personal services due to the quality of her dishes. She prepares healthy and delicious meals - not something that usually go together well unless you know what you are doing!” August 7, 2012  Linda

“I'm blessed to know Adrienne(Yo!)! She is a most trustworthy servant to our Tampa Bay community! She is the best of both worlds!” February 2, 2012

Joel Chudnow, Wellness Coach, Wholistic Health Educator, Self

“Adrienne came to my rescue when food sensitivities required me to adopt an entirely different way of eating. She took me food shopping, making great suggestions of how to substitute or avoid the offending ingredients, and created my owm personal set of recipes for me!” December 14, 2011   Jill

“Adrienne was pinnacle in my quest to live a healthier life without feeling constricted by the limited diet I have. After the first meeting we had, I became concerned about a health issue I was having and she took some time out of her sunday to discuss this with me. I value her and am looking forward to working with her in the future to help me even further. Thanks so much. Well worth every penny. Actually, I dont feel I can even put a price on what I gained from her knowledge.” September 15, 2011


“Adrienne uses her incredible knowledge base and her kind, caring demeanor to help clients make sensible and accessible decisions leading to improved health and quality of life.” September 8, 2011

I HIGHLY recommend Adrienne for ANY service you may need. My personal experience was over the top. She more than provided a great value and great results. Her integrity is always in tact. Her knowledge and love of what she does really says it all!” September 10, 2011   Melody

“Adrienne has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table - literally! I have had the pleasure many times to sample her lovingly prepared dishes. It is my pleasure to recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellness.” August 7, 2012    Yoga therapist and Life Coach